elien. (belgiques) wrote,

the one with the introduction post.

hello everyone! since i've been away for god knows how long and this is a new journal/a new beginning for me, i'm going to do an intro post with some need-to-know things about me. omg, o is for wow.

  • what's your name? elien valcke, but i'm like cher or moses, i don't need a last name.
  • yeah, and how do you pronounce that? normally, it would be ay-lean, but in english it'd probably be ee-lean.
  • that's weird. in what country do parents give this name? dutch-speaking ones, like belgium, which is where i live! also in french-speaking ones, but then it's eline. it means the sparkling, the shiny. lol
  • describe yourself in five words. kind. trustworthy. funny-at-times. clever. fangirl.
  • why are you special? um, i have a twin sister? :p that's the only reason i can think of right now.
  • okay, idc about that. tell me, who are your idols? *breaks out the list* i have too many, negl. first of all, sophia bush will ALWAYS be my number one. she's perfect, and don't try to deny it. she has the whole deal: beauty, intelligence, kind, do-gooder, humanitarian, finefreshfierce she's got it on lock. I LOVE HER SFM I COULD WRITE A BOOK ABOUT HER. others: kristen bell, nina dobrev, blake lively, reese witherspoon, mila kunis. you should check my tumblr for my interests too, 'cause i have A LOT!
  • and celebrity crushes? andrew garfield, tom felton, joseph gordon-levitt, paul wesley, ian somerhalder, ... again, tumblr! i'm probably forgetting loads.
  • what shows earn your effort to follow them? the vampire diaries, parks and rec, miranda, merlin, community, supernatural, glee, one tree hill, friends, pretty little liars, gossip girl, how i met your mother, veronica mars, ... forgetting so many.
  • which 5 movies can you watch over and over? legally blonde, inception, harry potter, x-men (all of them), easy a.
  • what has you giggling and squeeing right now? harry potter, sophia bush, the vampire diaries, ...
  • where else can i find you on the interwebz? tumblr, twitter, facebook, fanfiction.

yeah, i didn't really know what to post here, haha.
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