What a glorious day, I'm happy again!

Today is such a glorious day! It's Shoug's birthday!!!!! Yay! So an amazing supercallifragilisticexpialidocious day, honey (even though it's already passed, boo timezones!).

You've been my friend for ever and I wouldn't want it any other way. You are always there when I need to talk to someone, just there willing to read my rants or silly problems. You're there for all of it and that is one of the many things I love about you. Your comments, messages and texts always put a smile on my face, mainly because you have such a cheerfulness about you that I've never seen in anyone.

You've been through so much this year, and you've handled it all with bravery, strength and positivism. I love how even though we're half a world apart, we have so much in common. BTW DID YOU SEE THE HP TRAILER?!

Anyway, I could go on for a few more pages, a novel even but I think you get the idea. Shoug, you're a wonderful person, one of the best I've met, and not just on here. I'm so blessed I can be your friend, and I'm here whenever you need something. Screw timezones! ;)


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Hi everyone! Thought I'd post something, since my last ever high school exams are coming up and school will take over my life again. I can't believe my senior year's almost over. Soon I'll be getting my diploma, holy crap. There isn't a system of graduation caps or valedictorians here, which kind of sucks because I'd maybe stand a small chance. All seniors do have to write a speech, and the best parts are compiled into one text that a volunteer has to read. Idk if I'm going to put myself up. I'd love to tbh, but my self-esteem isn't big enough for that I think. (I've already written my speech though, and we haven't even gotten the assignment yet lol.)

Friday was the annual sports day at school, during which the seniors had to do a 21 km long descent of the Lesse, a river here fyi lmao. We were in kayaks (is that the right translation? Idek. It's like a canoe, but not exactly?) of two people and thank god we were. I would've never been able to do it alone. My muscles and back still hurt like hell. Damn you PE! Luckily the group atmosphere was amazing, the weather was great (except for a thunderstorm halfway through which soaked everyone to the bone) and I got a sunburn-turned-tan, so yay!

Let's talk tv now, okay? I've caught up with everything except GG, cause I heard it's gotten bad? But if there's Dan/Blair in it, I might watch. Tbh I loved OTH. It was a great finale and I'm glad they finally made Brooke happy! Way overdue. Also, Baley and Dan Scott. Enough said.

TVD. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Those last two eps. EPIC. I bawled during Skinny Love, I actually felt bad for John wth?! And the finale, DAMN GURL. Or should I say GURLS. I did not see that one coming. But Anna!!! Don't care that much about Vicki. And the Forwood and Delena, I looooove it. And badass!Stefan. But Klaus needs to go and Elijah needs to come back. Bring me S3!

Glee. Where do I start? Finn, you suck. I don't like you at all anymore. The same is happening to Quinn. Rachel's still a two way street. Idek. Despite of that, I loved the eps so far. I'm just hooked on this show. And Jesse St. James. Thank you for your existence Jon Groff.

That turned out kinda long, no? Oh, well. Take care you guys. Have a great week!

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hey everyone! I know, I promised to post more often, but guess what? nothing interesting has happened. nothing worth mentioning anyway. I can't believe my senior year's almost over though. I'll be graduating in a month, HOLY CRAP.

I've decided on short entries now, because I hope exciting things will happen if I post. LOL YEAH RIGHT.

once I get my thoughts together I'll post about my shows, cause they've been gooooood lately. BYE NOW .OFF READING CATCHING FIRE.

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you make me feel like i'm living a teenage dream.

in case you were wondering, i am still alive. i feel so incredibly guilty because i care about you all so much, i really do, and i've been such an unbelievably crappy friend for the last two months. i want to get back into lj, but i need a smaller flist. this does make me sad because apparently, none of you have removed me from your flist and i am so grateful for you guys. but i just do. so if you still want to be my friend, please tell me. then in one of the following days i'll update and read your entries. if not, then i guess we part ways here. thank you for wanting to know me. ♥ i love you.

(btw this post may sound depressing, but i am in a relatively good place rn and idk why this sounds all sad. +i finished the vamp diaries and am now watching community. also, holla for the oth intro being back!)

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01/08 - 12/08

I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow, so I won't have internet access. I know I've barely been around (damn you, work!) and I'm so sorry for that. To be fair, I read all your entries, but comments stayed behind. I hope you're all doing good. ♥

the one with the introduction post.

hello everyone! since i've been away for god knows how long and this is a new journal/a new beginning for me, i'm going to do an intro post with some need-to-know things about me. omg, o is for wow.

  • what's your name? elien valcke, but i'm like cher or moses, i don't need a last name.
  • yeah, and how do you pronounce that? normally, it would be ay-lean, but in english it'd probably be ee-lean.
  • that's weird. in what country do parents give this name? dutch-speaking ones, like belgium, which is where i live! also in french-speaking ones, but then it's eline. it means the sparkling, the shiny. lol
  • describe yourself in five words. kind. trustworthy. funny-at-times. clever. fangirl.
  • why are you special? um, i have a twin sister? :p that's the only reason i can think of right now.
  • okay, idc about that. tell me, who are your idols? *breaks out the list* i have too many, negl. first of all, sophia bush will ALWAYS be my number one. she's perfect, and don't try to deny it. she has the whole deal: beauty, intelligence, kind, do-gooder, humanitarian, finefreshfierce she's got it on lock. I LOVE HER SFM I COULD WRITE A BOOK ABOUT HER. others: kristen bell, nina dobrev, blake lively, reese witherspoon, mila kunis. you should check my tumblr for my interests too, 'cause i have A LOT!
  • and celebrity crushes? andrew garfield, tom felton, joseph gordon-levitt, paul wesley, ian somerhalder, ... again, tumblr! i'm probably forgetting loads.
  • what shows earn your effort to follow them? the vampire diaries, parks and rec, miranda, merlin, community, supernatural, glee, one tree hill, friends, pretty little liars, gossip girl, how i met your mother, veronica mars, ... forgetting so many.
  • which 5 movies can you watch over and over? legally blonde, inception, harry potter, x-men (all of them), easy a.
  • what has you giggling and squeeing right now? harry potter, sophia bush, the vampire diaries, ...
  • where else can i find you on the interwebz? tumblr, twitter, facebook, fanfiction.

yeah, i didn't really know what to post here, haha.


"Open your heart to me, baby.
I hold the lock and you hold the key.
Open your heart to me, darlin'.
I'll give you love if you turn the key"

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